UO president: 'They will not be playing basketball at Oregon again'

UO president: 'They will not be playing basketball at Oregon again' »Play Video
University of Oregon President Michael Gottfredson (center) with Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Rob Mullens (at right) and Vice President for Student Affairs Robin Holmes (at left) on Friday, May 9.

EUGENE, Ore. - The University of Oregon suspended the players named in a police investigation of an alleged rape within 24 hours of receiving a copy of the police report, top university officials said Friday.

"As a father, I'm appalled. As president, I'm angry and disappointed," University of Oregon president Michael Gottfredson. "They will not be playing basketball at Oregon again."

A copy of the police investigation into the March 9 incident became available to the media and widely reported Monday.

Questions emerged this week regarding what did University officials know and when, as well as what the University is required under federal law to do, in such a situation.

Gottfredson said the university began an immediate investigation after learning of the sexual assault and complied fully with police investigation.

He said police asked for UO to take no action during the investigation. During the NCAA tournament, the University did not know which players were involved in the alleged sexual assault, he said.

"The Eugene Police Department requested we not do anything that might hinder their criminal investigation, including suspending players," Gottfredson said. | Video of press conference | Text of statement

The president also added administrators want to be transparent with students but also protect student privacy.

Within 24 hours of seeing the police report, the university took corrective action to suspend players, Gottfredson said.

The Clery Act of 1990 requires the university to make either "emergency notifications" or "timely warnings" to the campus community in the event of certain crimes, like sexual assault.