Oregon Civil War: Comcast and Dish to show game, but not DirecTV

Oregon Civil War: Comcast and Dish to show game, but not DirecTV

EUGENE, Ore. - Satellite installer David Lamica finds himself extra busy this week.

"More phone calls, specifically from people switching from DirecTV to Dish Network - and wanting it done by Saturday noon time," Lamica told KVAL News.

Duck and Beaver fans anxiously wait all season for the Oregon Civil War, coming up this weekend at noon at Reser Stadium in Corvallis.

"A lot of people are football crazy around here," Lamica said, "and if the Ducks or the Beavers, if they can't see their game, they go crazy about that."

But not everyone will get to cheer their favorite team from home.

The game airs at noon Saturday on the new Pac-12 Network. Customers with Comcast or Dish Network will get the game.

But if you have DirecTV, sorry: you're out of luck. The Pac-12 and DirecTV don't have an agreement for the network's content to go out to DirecTV's subscriber.

Neither the Pac-12 nor DirecTV responded to interview requests from KVAL News on Monday.

Die-hard duck fan Jerry Callister of Springfield will be one of the DirecTV customers who can't get the Civil War game at home.

"Of course, I'm bummed," he said. "I checked in with DirecTV. They said they're having a hassle getting a good price out of the Pac-12 Network, so here I sit."

Aside from the Oregon Civil War game, Callister said he has been pretty happy with DirecTV.

Instead of switching providers, he is heading down the street to O'briens in Springfield on game day.

One of the regulars there told KVAL News she gets the game at home but will be at the bar on Saturday anyway.

"It's almost like a big giant indoor tailgate," Mona Lynch said. "We got food, booze and everybody cheering and having a great time."