Does the Duck mascot's hip-hop act put UO's deal with Disney in peril?

Does the Duck mascot's hip-hop act put UO's deal with Disney in peril? »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- What started as a student project has turned into an Internet sensation, an anthem for Oregon football and -- but of course -- a controversy.

"I Love My Ducks" was produced and written by the student trio of Brian McAndrew, Jamie Slade and Michael Bishop.

They had a fellow student wear the duck mascot head in the video, and that's where the controversy arises.

The University of Oregon athletic department is afraid that the unauthorized use of the mascot will jeopardize their agreement with the Disney Corporation allowing the university to use the Donald-esque duck.

"We've communicated since Tuesday to remove the video as it currently is produced," Dave Williford with the UO athletic department said, "and if they can produce the same thing, or edit out the Duck in the video, we have no problem with it."

"The university does not own the Duck, does not own the mascot," Williford said. "It is copyrighted by Disney. Anything other than use for sporting events, we need to request permission from Disney in advance."

But the guys who made the video say they cannot edit out the duck now.

"Like if you wanted to put something over it, having to like key-frame something over his head, would be ... it would take too much time," McAndrew said. "We've got class, we're students. I don't have time to do that."

The video went viral on the Internet and has appeared on numerous natonal media outlests, including the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio.

"It was on Dan Patrick's show this morning and he just plugged it for like 5 or 6 minutes," Bishop said, "and he was just laughing and saying 'Supwitchugirl,' and all the guys in the studio were just laughing. We were in Jamie's room just jumpin' around."

Is it possible that some compromise could be reached? After all, the song is becoming a big hit and would play very well on the Duckvision at the Civil War.

"I think it's very possible," Williford said, "if they take the Duck out of it."

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