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Megan & "Quick" Kyle Fitch.

"Some of them just don't get it. They don't know what racing is all about."

In the Fitch family, they do know what dirt track racing is all about.

"I just like racing. It's awesome," said 11-year-old Kyle Fitch.

He has been getting it done on the track for six-years. Now he is running in his 500 cc outlaw cage cart.

"I didn't really realize how fun it was until I started. The adrenaline is pretty, crazy, intense. You never know what's going to happen. It's unpredictable."

'Quick' Kyle's 14-year-old sister caught the racing bug three years ago. Now Megan can't be pulled away from the wheel.

Like any sibling rivalry there can be occasional conflict, but the Fitch kids figure they can solve it on the dirt oval.

Two years removed from getting a real driver's license, Megan admits her brother has the edge with more experience in the cart. "He has a better sense of what driving is than me but I do pretty good."

The long term racing goals for both kids is darn big. Megan doesn't really care for NASCAR like her brother but she would like to challenge the reigning queen of stock car.

"I want to beat our Danica Patrick one day and just be the next big girl racer."

Rubbin' is racin' and sometimes rubbin' means wreckin', which Megan found out first hand going end over end.

"I got up in one guys' back tire one time and I flipped it pretty good three times. Went over, barrel-rolled. I thought about it first but I didn't really want to race after that. I had to think about what happened."

After shaking off the emotional trauma of a violent crash, Megan climbed back into her ride.

Now both Fitch kids are going full throttle towards the Sprint Car Nationals this August in Knoxville, Iowa.

Kyle is waiting on clearance from track officials to run with the big boys but he believes he can make some noise.

"Just get up there and become famous. Get on that National Hall of Fame"

Just remember, you heard it here first.

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