Kaptivating Kidz: Sophia's Choice? Swimming

Kaptivating Kidz: Sophia's Choice? Swimming
7-year-old Sophia Ruppert

Seven-year-old Sophia Ruppert is a bonafied water bug.

In just over two years of competitive swimming with Willamalane Swim Club in Springfield, Sophia most recently finished eighth out of 24 at the state meet. Out-stroking many in the eight-and-under age group.

"Sometimes I don't want to swim and then a few days later, I say I want to go swimming so bad but I can't because it's a day off."

If Sophia had her druthers, she would never dive into salt water.

"It tastes horrible."

The chlorine kid also has a deal with her dad. If she trims her 500-freestyle time down to sub 5-mins?

"If I get five minutes or under, he is going to get one of his ears pierced."

Pop doesn't have to worry about piercing his lobes for a few more years as at last check her best 500-time was 8:44.

If Sophia continues to work with her coach Tyler Stone, that process could be moved along quit quickly.

The former swimmer at Springfield High School said, "Just her drive to win is one thing that kids of that age, I typically don't see until they get a little bit older."

Back in the Summer of 2008, Sophia was glued to the tube watching gold medalist Michael Phelps at the Olympic Games in Beijing. She taught herself how to breastroke. Now Sophia has her sights set on the 2020 Olympics.

"I watch them and try to copy them but I forget it in the middle of the night"

Not to worry, Sophia has nine more years to remember just how the Olympians do it.


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