Kaptivating Kidz: Roseburg Tigers; They're Grrrreat!

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"There is one goofball and then another goofball."

That's the description Maria Johnson gives of her team. The U-13 Tigers of the Roseburg Soccer Association.

Johnson added, "We all have a funny piece to our family."

Earlier this Spring, the Tigers roared to a win at the Presidents Cup Championships. Earning them the honor as the best in the state.

"We've made history," Maria Bailey stated.

That history being, the Tigers are believed to be the first R.S.A. team to win the Cup and that moment was pretty surreal.

Rachel Harland said everyone just screamed.

To elaborate further, Sarah King added, "It was screaming crazy."

It was an extra-special event for Rylee Anderson, "It was exciting especially because it was on my birthday."

Marisa Twarowski celebrated with the rest of the team, but it wasn't doctors orders. "I recently had a concussion so I didn't really play but I was on the sidlines screaming my head off. I don't think I was supposed to so don't tell my doctor."

One thing the girls really like is their coach, Mike Sanada.

King said one of his main expressions is, 'you guys can't hit the broad side of a barn'.

Jokingly, Sarah feels, "It's insulting but in a loving way."

Next up for the Tigers is a trip regionals outside of Salt Lake City, Utah June 15th.

"By the end of the year, I don't think we will be disappointed if we lose but just to know that we got three is amazing," Twaroswki said.

King hopes they get to scream so much they lose their voices. One thing is for sure, the Tigers won't be losing their spirit.

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