Kaptivating Kidz: I am Iron Sam; multi-sport teen never seems to wear down

Kaptivating Kidz: I am Iron Sam; multi-sport teen never seems to wear down »Play Video

From growing up playing baseball with the boys to being the youngest girl by two years on her softball team, 14-year-old Sam Inouye is very familiar with being tested.

"I love playing older because it makes me feel that when i get to their age, I will be that much better."

Sam added, "I am the youngest on the team so they just kind of like to make fun of me because apparently I laugh a lot."

Being the baby on the Eugene Lightning brings some ribbing from her teammates including some unflattering nicknames but it is all in good fun.

Like T-Rex, the name given for her peculiar running style.

If T-Rex doesn't stick, Iron Sam sure will. She collected that little gem while catching every game during a weekend tournament as Iron Sam seems to never wear down.

She is a district champ in the discus and shot put and the starting setter on the Webfoot volleyball team. As for what her favorite activity is, that varies from season to season.

"It depends on what time of the year you ask me, really because whenever I am in a sport even if I am playing three at one like i just finished doing, it will just be whatever sport i finished playing at the time."

As you can tell, there is no couch potato in her on-the-go lifestyle.

"It doesn't happen but when I do end up sitting on the couch I feel like I am missing out on something so that is why I do so many sports because i like to keep busy."

In her down time, Sam's nose is in the books as the eighth grader carries a 4.0 grade point average and the future Marist Spartan has picked up a little four-string hobby.

"I didn't feel like I was doing enough at a point in time so I took up ukulele lessons. My dad is from Hawaii so we've always had it and never really played it."

That is strumming her way to success.

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