Kaptivating Kidz: Brady Bunch of BMX

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They are the Brady Bunch of BMX.

The Ghent's are a mixed family that has been rolling together on two wheels for two years as part of Team Epic Racing.

10-year-old Aaidan Farmer recalls his first time on the track, "You kind of get scared a little bit because you are sideways, kind of falling down. After that, it just feels like you are walking on the ground. You're used to it."

Already, the kids bedroom window seals of trophy displays are cramped for space as their winnings continue to pile up.

The eldest member of the biking brood, 11-year-old Colleen Ghent, has trophies growing out of her ears. "I have a whole bunch of shelves full of trophies and normally whenever I get them I just fill the shelf. Then I just stack them in the garage When all of my shelves are full. Which, right now they are."

Even cousin Paul Kinser is holding his own. "It's really awesome doing BMX, we're having a great life."

The 9-year-old who lives with cystic fibrosis is said to have taken only 10-minutes of practice before joining the family business.

"That was really cool for the kids and I just really wanted to ride BMX too," Paul says.

Like any family, there are the occasional sibling squabbles but it's nothing they can't work out on the track.

Lexy Neuberger adds, "It's just cool to have the same sport and be able to talk about it at the same time."

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