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The Eugene Metro Futbol Club seems to grow larger and larger each year. For the U-14 Boca Juniors, they have been growing together.

Hunter Hayes says, "It pays off a lot playing so long with each other. We kind of anticipate what we're going to do."

For many of the guys on the roster, this isn't just a summer thing.

"We have league soccer in the fall and spring and winter we do indoor," states Liam O'Conner.

For the Boca's, there is no such thing as a summer vacation. Just ask Cade Ficek. "I'd rather be doing soccer than going on a vacation really."

Tournaments-a-plenty for the squad and the biggest one this year was an appearance in the championship game at the State Cup in Portland.

Gio Brigola still can't believe it. "I was amazed how far we had gotten and then some of the teams we played beat us a million times before. We just outplayed them."

"We won every single game except our final game which was, sucky," so eloquence told by Juan Salgado.

After thumping a team from Eastside Portland in an earlier round, the Boca's admit they lost a bit of their edge come the title match.

Ryan Langley felt, "I think we were getting too cocky."

Ficek had the same thought. "The motivation that I have is seeing the other team winning and that's just ingrained in me and that's not going to happen again."

The boys were the first club team from Eugene to make the State Cup and they plan on going back and Brigola knows it.

"We kind of have a little target on our backs, oh those guys were in the State Cup finals, so now we have to play our hardest every game.

Salgado helps sum it up. "You want to be better because you want to be the champions. Who doesn't want to be a champion?"

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