Nick Krupke: 'Thanks for tuning in'

Nick Krupke: 'Thanks for tuning in' »Play Video
Tom Ward & Nick Krupke on the set of Inside the Pac.

Back when I came to KVAL-TV in October of 2005, former KVAL sports guy Blair Johnson told me something to the effect of, 'Hey Nick, you'll enjoy Eugene, it's an easy place to be comfortable.'

Those wise words from BJ were true, but now it's time to say farewell.    

After more than seven years, I am making the move north with my wife, daughter and dogs to KPTV to continue my career in sports broadcasting at the FOX affiliate in Portland.

The sports department at KVAL has been and I know it will continue to be a rare breed.

It is not often that you find a four-man team in local TV anymore. I have had the privilege of only working with five different and very talented guys during my time in Eugene.

Sports Director Tom Ward had a big hand in hiring a pretty green kid who graduated from Washington State University that had only previously worked in Billings, Montana.   

Tom and Dirk Weishaar showed me what quality story telling is, both visually and in the subject matter itself.

Blair is now a driving force behind Yahoo! Sports.

Phil Milani is living out his dream and working for his boyhood crush, the Orange Crush, the Denver Broncos.

If you happen to need some RV insurance in Bend, then Brian Elder is your man. I am grateful to have worked with them all back in the sports den.

From Kaptivating Kidz, to High School Gameday, Inside the Pac, the daily sportscasts and here on, I hope the product we have churned out, and what the guys will continue to do, has had some type of positive effect on you.

If you have been a loyal viewer, left and came back, or the TV just happens to be stuck on KVAL, I thank you for tuning in.

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