Diamonds aren't forever: Ducks uniforms take wings

Diamonds aren't forever: Ducks uniforms take wings »Play Video
New this year: a carbon-weave helmet and a second white uniform with steel accent colors instead of green.

EUGENE, Ore. -- The diamond plate is out and the wings are in for the University of Oregon Ducks 2009 football uniforms.

The style resembles the "Lights Out" uniform the Ducks wore at home against Arizona last season.

This is the first update since 2006 and the fifth major change in the Ducks uniforms since the team started working with Nike designers in 1996.

Between the uniforms, pads and details like titanium d-rings on the belts, the new models reduce the total weight of the unifroms by a claimed 25 percent.

The new kits give the Ducks 80 different combinations of jersey, pant and helmet.

Take a look:


Oregon will have green, yellow, black and white jersey options.

Make that two white uniforms with different accent colors, green (above) and steel (below).

The most noticeable change: the diamond plate shoulder accents are gone, replaced by a wing design.

The wings serve as anti-abrasion shoulder reinforcements and come with a claimed 200 percent reduction in weight over the previous model.

Also new: updates to the UO uniform number font "Bellotti Bold."

Version 2 of the font utilizes serifs -- a typographer's term for the structural elements at the end of letters and numerals -- to make the numbers more distinct.

Helmets now come in green, black, white and carbon.

The carbon design (above) replaces Oregon's yellow helmet.

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