Police report details Masoli investigation

Police report details Masoli investigation
Jeremiah Masoli during a court hearing where he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor burglary. (Pool photograph).

EUGENE, Ore. – The Eugene Police Department released documents Friday that outline their investigation into University of Oregon football star Jeremiah Masoli and former player Garrett Embry.

The 52-page police report starts with the original theft report from the early morning of January 24, and goes on to chronicle the investigation by detectives over the next several weeks.

Both Masoli and Embry pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of burglary after being accused of stealing laptops and a projector from a campus fraternity. Both were sentenced to community service, probation and ordered to pay the victim for the stolen property.

Masoli was also suspended from the football team for one year.

The report shows that detectives interviewed Masoli the Monday after the theft. He told detectives at the time his lawyer advised him not to give a statement; however, after consulting on the phone with his attorney, he told detectives that during the time of the theft he was at Taylor’s Bar and Grill.

“Masoli said he doesn’t know what happened at the fraternity house because he was never there,” a detective wrote in the report. “Masoli said he heard something about a theft of a computer from a fraternity house from Coach Chip Kelly. Masoli said Coach Chip Kelly called him three separate times on Sunday asking him about the incident because there was something posted on the internet.”

“I asked Masoli if he knew anything about forensic evidence specifically latent fingerprints and DNA,” the report said. “Masoli nodded his head affirmatively and stated ‘Ah huh.’ I asked Masoli if his fingerprints, or DNA, would be found at the Alpha Epsilon Fraternity House, located at 814 E 14th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon. Masoli stated, ‘I don’t think so. They shouldn’t be.’”

During their investigation, detectives reviewed surveillance video footage from Taylor’s the night of the theft. They saw Masoli arrive at the bar at 12:51 a.m. on January 24, minutes after the theft was reported.

Football coach Chip Kelly was among the more than dozen people interviewed by police. He said he first heard about the incident when he received a text message about internet rumors Masoli was involved in a theft.

“Kelly stated he called Jeremiah Masoli shortly after receiving the text message to verify the validity of the rumor and to confront him about the incident,” the detective wrote. “Kelly stated Masoli said he didn’t have anything to do with it and said he wasn’t involved. Kelly said Masoli denied being at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity House.”

The original report also shows there was a second victim in the fraternity who also had a laptop stolen. Up until now, only one victim had been named in the media. | Read the full report | Read more stories about Jeremiah Masoli