Kaptivating Kidz: Sibling water skiers

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Jana and Blaze Grubbs from Corvallis are no fish out of water.

Sister and brother have been raised on watersports, third generation skiers.

Their grandfather and father were also tournament skiers.

10-year-old Jana is the top ranked skier in her age group in the entire Western Region.

Jana says, "I like being in my division because I get better competition. Sometimes people are so bad they don't even get up and they're done."

6-year-old Blaze is also highly rated in the west, but riding the waves in competition is a little unnerving for the recent Kindergarten graduate.

"It feels weird because they just get me on the microphone and stuff and start saying stuff. It feels so weird"

The Grubbs hone their skills with a couple of annual trips down to California to visit their coaches. Pro skiers Terry Winter and Marcus Brown.

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