Kaptivating Kidz: Smokin' guns headed to Pennsylvania

Kaptivating Kidz: Smokin' guns headed to Pennsylvania »Play Video

Training at Emerald Empire Gun Club in Springfield, eight kids from the National Rifle Association's Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) are regulars at the national competition.

Dusty Harrold said, "You get a real big rush from the state, making it, but when you get to nationals and you make the top three, it's just amazing."

Jasmine Adams added, "Once you shoot, it's like your own world basically"

Two of the past three years, the senior team has won it all. Last season, they were just 20-points shy from pulling the trigger on a three-peat.

Paul Leavitt said,"It's really a bummer because one pigeon is ten points, one question is five."

Now these hot shots are headed back to represent the state of Oregon in Mansfield, Pennsylvania.

Leavitt continued,"it's kind of a pressure especially when you are down to your last two shots of .22 and you haven't missed one and everyone behind you is watching and this could determine your score. It's hard not to shake."

Since it's inception in 1985, YHEC has reached more than a million young sportsmen and sportswomen.

"When you hit a bird or hit a target, you feel like accomplishing something," Reed Koozer said.

Judged in eight events, four shooting and four responsibility courses, the real good teams do more than just shoot.

"All of our tie-breakers is the book. Our book is a real big part of it, the hunters guide book," Harrold said.

Now it is time for the YHEC kids to use their brains and take some names at nationals.