Kaptivating Kidz: Rollerskating to the cornfields

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Quincy Summerlin, Chloe Toney and Alyx Mowder get their roll on the rink perfecting routines at the U.S. Sports Plex in Eugene.

Summerlin said, "You get swallowed up into the sport and like it so I just stayed and now I have kind of developed an obsessed with it."

Striving for perfection in more ways than one, from choreography to outfits, these Kaptivating Kidz have been tightening their techniques under the watchful eye of coach Tony Saint Jacques.

"On a different team I wasn't doing things right. Once I moved to Tony's team I was doing things right," Mowder said.

Toney added, "When you go out there you just kind of do what you know what to do so you don't think all that hard."

For the second year in a row, all three have qualified for the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

Last Summer, nationals were held in Peoria, Illinois. This go around nationals are in Lincoln, Nebraska and there is no over thinking the big moment.

Mowder pondered, "Sometimes I'm like hmm, I have a competition in a few weeks, I'm just going to try to dream of my routine and all of the song and I don't because I can't control my dreams."

You may not be able to control dreams but you certainly can make them.