'I wanted to get every Major League team on my body somehow'

'I wanted to get every Major League team on my body somehow'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Benjamin Christiensen has been a baseball fan his whole life. Now, this University of Oregon student's passion may turn into a profession.

Christiensen made it to the top 50 for a nationwide contest to live in the MLB "Fan Cave." The winner, based on total number of votes, gets to live in New York City from the start of baseball season through the World Series. While living in the house, the winner will be blogging, interviewing players, and much more.

It's a dream job for Major League Baseball fans, and Christiensen has a few things that help him stand out from the rest: tattoos of all of the MLB mascots.

"I wanted to get every major league team on my body somehow, and the best way possible was ribs to hips on each side, so American League on the right side, and National League on the other," he said.

Each tattoo has a story. "Its all historical related stories and such that I crammed a lot of research into it, but if I'm gonna put it on my body, might as well have some fun with it."

Christiensen also has a huge collection of baseball caps. He writes numbers and statistics on the hat, each one with a special meaning from a certain time period in that team's history.

"Every one has a little number except my minor league ones," he said. "All of my major league hats have specific historical value to them."

For example: "This one is the St. Louis Cardinals road hat and the numbers I wrote down …these are Joe Medwick's statistics from when he won the MVP and the Triple Crown in the National League in 1937," said Christiensen. "It's the last time someone in the National League won a Triple Crown."

Christiensen is using social media to help rally votes for his victory. He has established a Facebook page, Twitter feed, and uses his blog to rally people to vote for him.

Voters have until Feb. 22 to vote for your favorite MLB fan. Then, the top 10 will be announced.

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