Letter from PETA

I recently received a poll and letter from PETA.
PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
PO Box 96684
Washington DC 20090-6684
It said I was one of a very few chosen to participate in this poll.
This is very important to me. PLEASE READ
The letter reads verbatum.
"I am writing to you doday because I'm desperateley concerned about some truly appalling animal abuse that is taking place in China at this very moment.
The facts in this letter may shock you but I implore you to be strong and read on. I want you to know exactly what is going on because sensitive, intelligent cats and dogs--as loyal as the dear ones we share our homes and lives with--urgently need your help.
They cannot tell their own story, nor can any of us hear their desperate cries for help. So I must explain to you the extreme and routine cruelty that investigators from PETA Germany and PETA Asia have seen firsthand and recorded on video in China. Nearly 2 million cats and hundreds of ghousands of dogs are tortured and killed for their fur in China each year, and many of them are skiinned alive.
Before I go on, please know that you can help these animals. There are three simple, practical steps that you can take to help reduce this terrible suffering:
1. Never buy or wear fur, and tell everyone you know about the terrible price that animals have to pay for fur.
2. Complete our opinion poll and provide us with the vital information that we need to make officials and corporate decisionmakers take notice.
3. Join PETA by sending a membership donation of $16, or as much as you can afford, so that we can make a difference in these animals' lives.
The victims who are slaughtered for their fur are very familiar to you--defenseless cats and trusting dogs such as German shepherds and golden retrievers.
I hope their plight will touch your heart and inspire you to help them today--because they are desperate for your help.
PETA has irrefutable evidence of sickening cruelty, including unbelievable scenes of butchery on fur farms and in markets where animals are sold. But before the helpless animals who are killed for their skins even reach their destination, they endure a horrendous final journey.
The investigators witnessed the following:
1 Trucks transported up to 800 animals in tiny cages to fur markets across China. Some of the cats and dogs were still wearing the collars that their former owners had put on them.
2. Cages were so full that the animals inside them couldn't even move--some contained as many as 20 cats. None had food or water.
3. Dead and dying cats and dogs were crammed into cages along with living.
4. Cats and dogs were driven insane by the conditions they were forced to endure. Some lashed out--clearly terrified--and others cowered out of fear and exhaustion.
5. Cages were tossed 10 feet from the tops of trucks to the ground below, shattering the bones of the fearful animals inside.
At Chinese animal markets, cats and dogs were subjected to atrocities that shook even seasoned investigators to the core. The fur industry has one priority: money. "Kinder" killing methods cost more and can damage the fur, reducing its value. Instead, methods used include anal electrocution, bludgeoning, kicking, strangling with wire nooses, drowning by forcing water down animals" throats with a hose, and even live skinning.
The fur from these animals can end up as collars on coats, as lining in gloves or boots, or even in rugs or trinkets. Not even kittens and puppies are exempt. Gruesome evidence collected included a coat made from 42 German shepherd puppies. Frequently, items like these are misleadingly labeled as anything from "Asian jackal" to "rabbit."
All kinds of fur-bearing animals--including dogs, cats, foxes, coyotes, and undercover video footage taken by the investigators shows scenes more disturbing than any horror film, and the cruelty is made possible by anyone who purchases fur. Cats and dogs writhe in terror and pain as they are hung up by their legs and tails to have the fur peeled from their flesh. Stripped, bleeding bodies are tossed onto a pile of other bodies where the animals' hearts continue to beat and their breath comes in ragged gasps for up to five minutes.
Meanwhile, the other helpless caged animals await their turn in the cold and filth, covered with feces and urine--watching and listening as others around them are painfully killed.
I'm sure that you will feel shaken by what you have just learned. I know that I was. It may continue to haunt you--but sometimes we must face horrors like these in order to stop them.
Please turn the pain and outrage that you feel into positive action and join PETA today--we are working hard, and we would welcome your most generous membership donation to help end the suffering of animals.
Your support will help us shake up the public's complacency by allowing us to organize demonstrations on the streets, protest at fashion shows against designers who use fur, work with the media to expose the ugly facts, and convince leading retailers and designers to stop using animals' bodies in their fashions.
And we are winning battles : Polo Ralph Lauren, one of the largest retailers in the world, went fur-free after meeting with PETA and seeing the investigaive video footage of Chinese fur farms. And top designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein removed fur form their collections after meeting with PETA. We are gaining ground all the time.
Your support today will help us continue our tenacious campagns all over the world that will help end the cruelty and stop the killing of animals for their fur.
Just as importantly, you can be certain that your donation to PETA will be well spent. We are the leading organization championing the rights of animals. In the words of the major international news agency Reuters, "Few deny PETA campaigns were catalysts behind a range of animal welfare reforms made in recent years."
From fighting to stop cruel and needless experimentation to challenging inhumane farming methods, PETA works to ban all animal exploitation and abuse through sophisticated investigations, public education, effective publicity, and sustained pressure on all animal abusers.
Our methods have achieved major victories--influencing government policies as well as global corporations, such as Burger King, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola.
Our track record shows that joining PETA is the most effective way that you can protect animals from cruelty and save animals' lives.
Please join us with a donation of at least $16. In return, you will receive a one-year subscription to our informative magazine, Animal Times. And you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are working to stop cruelty to animals each and every day.
When you join, please complete our opinion poll. Every completed survey will help our vital campaign to save animals' lives. Your confidential answers will also be used in our campaigns against the fur industry and goverments that support this terrible abuse of animals for their fur--as evidence of the views of compasionate people.
We cannot and will not tolerate cruelty to animals of any kind. Please listen to your conscience and make a donation to PETA today to help us end the torture of innocent cats, dogs, and other animals.
Thank you.
Very truly yours,
Ingrid E. Newkirk
P.S. If this letter has moved you, please be assured that your donation of $16., or more if you can afford it, can help save the lives of cats and dogs in China and other helpless and abused animals right here in the U.S. You don't need to take my word for it--The Observer acknowledges, "PETA is the only true political power influencing the fashion industry."
On the oppinion poll the first eight questions were
QUESTION 1 Were you aware of the trade in cat and dog fur before reading this letter?
QUESTION 2 Did you know that animals who are killed for their fur are often domestic cats and dogs stolen from their families?
QUESTION 3 Did you realize that cat and dog fur is sold--under different labeling--in the U.S. and Europe?
QUESTION 4 Were you aware that fur traders use methods including drowning animals, bludgeoning them, and skinning them alive in order to save money and avoid damage to the fur?
QUESTION 5 Did you know that cats and dogs can continue to breathe and blink for up to five minutes after they are skinned alive?
QUESTION 6 Did you realize that kittens and puppies--in addition to adult cats and dogs--are often killed for their fur?
QUESTION 7 Do you think that it is ever morally justifiable to kill animals so that their fur can be used and sold as clothing, furnishings, or trinkets?
QUESTION 8 Would you be willing to make a contribution today if it would help save the lives of animals, such as cats and dogs, who are killed for their fur?
I originally answered no to all eight questions, but I have reconsidered the last one.
Even though I am on a fixed income and truly cannot afford to donate. I have decided to donate $19. every month from now on.
But the reason I am writing to you about this is that I did not know about all of the first 7 questions before getting this letter. And I am sure that most people in the USA are not aware of these first 7.
So I ask you please to do something, anything to help make people aware of these first 7 questions.

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Chris says ... on Friday, Sep 9 at 10:19 AM

I was aware of these issues prior to seeing the (form) letter posted here, but PeTA would be the last organization I would trust to put money to good use to end this kind of thing.

SUSAN MILLETT says ... on Thursday, Sep 8 at 4:22 PM


Julie R. says ... on Thursday, Sep 8 at 10:36 AM

Thank you for posting this. I too donate to Peta, in fact, I donate every bit that I can afford and I know that with Peta my money is used very carefully and wisely to help animals.

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