This afternoon our family filed a missing persons report on John, To our shock it is only agreeing to claim his body or indentify his remains if found. Nothing to do with finding him. We believe that because of Johns history with the Oakridge police and his known drug and alcohol abuse, He is not someone that they are interested in finding. He is a valued member of this family and we just lost both of our parents just within a few months. Now a brother!? Everyone that we talked to today knew John, Someone in this very tiny town knows what happened to him. Please call Johns sister Debi if you cant call the police.541-255-8969..Please help this already heart broke family.

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Debbie Hicks-Brunken says ... on Tuesday, Sep 6 at 12:46 PM

3 years Thursday, Will anyone ever believe me when I say. I know Oakridge Police have everything to do with his disappearance!! I know he is dead. Please just want his remains so I can move on with my life! 3 years and no one ever cared but US!

Debbie, Johns sister says ... on Tuesday, Oct 19 at 9:21 AM

Two years now, are a disgrace to law inforcement!

Debbie, Johns sister says ... on Tuesday, Sep 8 at 7:08 PM

What can I say 1 year later!! This was a joke to the Oakridge police!

pattyanna says ... on Tuesday, Aug 25 at 7:04 PM

No word yet? None on my brother up here at B's Nursery, but he did update his myspace so we know he is alive. There is a missing man in bend, the FBI is in on the search. No difference of circumstances either. Why do some people get help and some not

Debbie, John's sister says ... on Saturday, Aug 8 at 12:43 AM

11 months now! All I have now is the hope that Karma will give you what you deserve!

Pam Davis says ... on Monday, Jul 13 at 6:37 AM

Oh my goodness Debbie, my heart is just broken for you. I am so sorry for you and your family! I hope you have called Gloria Denton and she was able to help you.

Debbie, Johns sister says ... on Thursday, Jul 9 at 9:57 PM

10 months now, DEAD SILENCE....Where is my brother Oakridge?

Gloria denton says ... on Wednesday, Jul 8 at 7:58 AM

Debbie, PLEASE call me..I have contacts in high places..and I am a strong voice..for our missing adults. I am sooooooooooo sorry still nothing from the PD..I assure you I can help you..Again call me 479-774-2410

Debbie, Johns sister says ... on Thursday, Jun 11 at 8:51 PM

9 months now!!!!!!!

Debbie, Johns sister says ... on Wednesday, May 13 at 7:45 AM

Its been 8 months now since Johns disappearance, Still nothing! Oakridge police have not been in any contact with us for months, They've buried him. or THROWN him away like a bag of garbage!

Shannon Miller says ... on Monday, Apr 13 at 6:53 PM

My heart goes out to this family. If there is anything that is ever needed please continue to reach out to the community. Somewhere, someone has seen something or knows something. It is very possible that they don't even realize they know something.

Debbie, Johns sister says ... on Thursday, Apr 9 at 10:08 PM

7 months now, I have nightmares that they've killed another brother, they're awful! We need closure! ( I do anyway) I'll never give up on finding your killer! Or remains, you didn't go far, someday we'll find the missing pieces to this puzzle.I swear

Gloria Denton says ... on Sunday, Mar 29 at 6:35 AM

debbie, call me 479-754-8439 ..This is total BS....I will help you get John as a Missing Person....ever heard of Gloria Alred? I have sent families to her before..she is a tough cookie..i assure you she will jump right on this..gloworm1957@hotmail.

Debbie, Johns sister says ... on Saturday, Mar 7 at 12:15 AM

Here we are at 6 months now...nothing...Still missing....Still looking, Still no one helps, everyone forgets, but those who live with it everyday, I look at everyone on the roads, bikes,you're always looking,he called me everyday DEAD SILENCE NOW !!!

Debbie says ... on Wednesday, Feb 4 at 11:39 PM

It's been 5 months since my brothers disappearance, and nothing still! I KNOW that he is DEAD! I told you so!! I knew all along that this was true, and no one helped me! Has anyone told me different? NO! Ask Chief Gomez who his nieghbors are?? I NO!!

Debbie says ... on Thursday, Dec 25 at 11:08 AM

January 9. is Johns 48th. B-day, He is greatly missed and we wish that someone would have helped us find him. So we can give him the respect that he deserves, and we can have some kind of closure. We are very disappointed with the Oakridge police!!!!

Johns brother(joe) says ... on Monday, Dec 22 at 9:02 AM

This is my first christmas without my parents and now my brother im begging people with any information please contact oregon state or oakridge police dept,my family put up a reward for any info that leads to finding my brother

Debbie says ... on Tuesday, Dec 2 at 12:06 PM

The teenager that was missing from the Oakridge area, returned home in Nov. He took off the same time that John was missing, wouldn't you think that the police would have asked him if he knew John or seen him, talked to him?Again nothing,not once!!!!

mammabear says ... on Monday, Nov 24 at 9:38 PM

I hadn't heard anything more about John, so figured I'd sift through the comments here. I'm sorry to read he hasn't been found yet! ~prayers~

Debbie says ... on Wednesday, Nov 19 at 10:22 PM

Today Nov. 19th. is John's dog Bears 2nd.birthday. This dog meant the world to John, He would have given him a nice party, with girls and beer.! He was adopted by Johns bestfriend and is being well cared for.We all miss John so very much!sorrybro:(

Debbie, Johns sister says ... on Sunday, Nov 9 at 1:45 PM

2 months and nothing, no one helped!!Gomez says their is'nt any evidence to prove fowl play so he didn't ask for any help from other agencies,never went to Johns home, employer,didn't talk to nieghbors.Tells us John took off, NO evidence of that!!!

Wes says ... on Wednesday, Oct 15 at 6:11 PM

My names Wes im 19 im currently living in eugene,im a son of John hicks, i dont really kno him he ditched out on me and my mom when i was born, but i you do hope find him alive, if i need to be reached u can emial me at

Johns brother says ... on Tuesday, Oct 7 at 8:07 AM

I would like to thank everyone for all the help and consideration in this matter i dont no why the state police and lane county search and rescue are not helpin but we can all pray where r u pete

pattyanna says ... on Monday, Oct 6 at 4:20 PM

Keep up your search, I know we are getting tired here in Eugene, looking for our missing brother, but everyday brings somthing new.

Debbie says ... on Thursday, Oct 2 at 6:57 AM

I found out Oct.1. We were should have recieved a case # and a file for John,a investagator, contact person,Copy of missing person reports, updates!We have nothing. No calls from OPD ever! No help fro DA's office.County comm, O.S.P LAWSUIT!$!$!$!$$?

Tami says ... on Wednesday, Oct 1 at 10:24 PM

Me and chanti and family and friends wouldnt mind helping just dont know where and when you are all doing these searches. and wouldnt have the first clue of where to look let us know if we can be of any help thanks Tami

Joyce Chilson says ... on Tuesday, Sep 30 at 1:08 PM

Debbie I am so mystified about this, why would he just take off, he would not..and his dog Bear was always with him. when I lived near his parents he would come and leave his bilke near my apt. he was always polite, I just don't understand this .

Debbie says ... on Tuesday, Sep 30 at 6:29 AM

John was seen with 2 strangers to Oakridge,on the day of his disappearance.little or no help from OPD.Everyone I've talked to,"knows"John is dead and was beaten to death.How they know ??We are going to try another search in his nieghborhood,TODAYPRAY

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Sep 29 at 10:17 AM

Any leads in this case , or anyway anyone could help!! please up date so people are not left woundering... Thanks

Crystal says ... on Monday, Sep 29 at 1:22 AM

So what is the update? Is OPD still not doing anything? Is John still missing?

Joyce Chilson says ... on Saturday, Sep 27 at 8:38 PM

To PeeWee's family, I have known him for about 18 years John and Luci his parents now deceased were the best people you could ever meet. it concerns me that it would seem not enough is being done. I know he would not take off without his dog.

Tiffany says ... on Wednesday, Sep 24 at 7:21 AM

Where are you uncle peewee????

mandie eileen says ... on Saturday, Sep 20 at 6:33 PM

this is harder then I thought I'd like to find as many as my Siblings as possable I couldn't do this with out u aunt debbie I wish he knew how many people lovedhim

Kim Acosta (mack) says ... on Saturday, Sep 20 at 5:16 PM

Debi, sorry to hear that this has happened, my prayers are with you and your family for Johns safe return, try to keep the faith. I have lots of good memories of John, and a few getting stuck with no gas, he was good at that one!

Debbie,Steve,Joe,Doug/Johns siblings says ... on Saturday, Sep 20 at 7:52 AM

We need to reach mushroom pickers,hunters anyone who maybe in the Oakridge area in the woods and near the river. Salmon creek,high mt.prairie,West fir,Hillscreek,hwy. 58. please tell everyone you no, one maybe the angel I've been praying for.GBUall

Tami & chanti johns 15 Yr old daughter says ... on Friday, Sep 19 at 9:55 PM

Debbie, Steaven or Mandy if there is anyway that we can be of help . We are here, I am so sorry to here of your mom and dad and now john missing if there is any thing I mean any ting I can be of help with Dont hesitate to call 434-9446 in my prayers

Concerned citizen says ... on Friday, Sep 19 at 12:07 PM

I was just wondering since I've seen this man many times on a bike around town, and i was just wondering if his bike was also missing, if that might have any relavence to the situation.

Tiffany says ... on Friday, Sep 19 at 8:36 AM

PLEASE TELL ME HOW DOES CURIOUSITY HELP THIS FAMILY, The police were called 3 days after Johns last contact,report filed 2 days after that, nothing started or done until the 16th. Still no search/dogs/state/county help. Curious! ME TOO!

John John says ... on Thursday, Sep 18 at 10:11 PM

What was happening between Sept 7th the last time he was seen and Sept 13th when the family finally decided to go to the police. How could the police be "doing anything" if they didn't know about it until 7 days later? Just curious.

Mandie johns oldest daugher says ... on Thursday, Sep 18 at 4:23 PM

I need to thank our family for being so loving and strong, if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be the same! Hope! I think maybe the police should be a little more elaborate on there investiagation and actually look for the leads!

Nile Stewart says ... on Thursday, Sep 18 at 3:36 PM

John,you and all of your family are in my prayers,I have such fond memories of "peewee"

Good Luck says ... on Wednesday, Sep 17 at 8:41 AM

Our familes prayers are with you in your search today and we pray you can bring your brother home safely.

shan says ... on Wednesday, Sep 17 at 8:17 AM

did you check campgrounds, fishing holes, dmv, bank statements for withdrawls...signs @ gas stations, rest areas? Is he in a reliable car/truck? If not, could he be stranded somewhere?

John's sister /jackie says ... on Wednesday, Sep 17 at 7:52 AM

I know exactly what the Oakridge police has done and not done. They just started asking questions just YESTERDAY the 16th!! He's been gone since the 7!!! Without help theres very little hope! Lived in my shoes?know John? Lived in Oakridge? Helping?

Have Faith... says ... on Wednesday, Sep 17 at 6:19 AM

Like Jackie says above, have faith don't give up hope of finding him alive. Keep up the FAITH... Has your family seeked help through your local church. They might be able to help through your community with your search.

Steve Hicks (John's brother) says ... on Tuesday, Sep 16 at 5:57 PM

We will be going to Oakridge tomorrow to look for my brother. We would appreciate any additional help from anyone who is able to meet us at the Oakridge Ray's grocery store at 10:00 AM tomorrow. Thank you. God bless.

Steve Hicks ( John Hicks' brother) says ... on Tuesday, Sep 16 at 5:45 PM

We are looking for John Hicks a.k.a " Peewee". Tomorrow at ten o' clock a.m . Please meet at Ray's grocery store in Oakridge. I and a bunch of friends are looking for my brother. We would greatly appreciate anyone's help who can possibly be there.

Debbie Brunken says ... on Tuesday, Sep 16 at 5:17 PM

I would like to mention how sorry I am for not being able to contact John's children of his situation before it aired on t.v. John actually has 4/5 children, not sure..Some I know, some I'm sorry to say I hardly know. Mandie I luv u! So SORRY!

Jackie says ... on Tuesday, Sep 16 at 4:21 PM

I find it very strange that you are not being at all optimistic about finding him alive. My question is what do you know that you are not sharing? You shouldn't judge the police department like this, you don't know what they have and have not done.

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Sep 16 at 9:05 AM

it's really sickening that this goes on a low priority list. The police say it is untrue but really, if this was a saintly, never break the law, mother of young children, tell me they wouldn't take this more seriously. I'll be sending my prayers.

Rose says ... on Monday, Sep 15 at 9:09 PM

Call Gloria Denton at (479) 774-2410. She can give you advise. Her daughter went missing 4 years ago and she got the same response from local law enforcement. Now she is an advocate for missing adults. She can give you all kinds of advice.

John's sister Debi replys says ... on Monday, Sep 15 at 7:25 AM

In the last 48 hrs. Oakridge police still have yet to question any of Johns contacts,including his boss, landlord, or best friend, they have not visited where he lives,plays or works. How do you go about finding someone by yourself?? What do I do ?

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